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Have you been walking around with symptoms for a while and don’t you feel heard? For example after a concussion, brain injury,  or after a whiplash? Our program can be the solution for you, so you can recover from your symptoms and full of energy and joy to live the life you want.

Move the Brain has different training programs, tailored to your complaints and symptoms. With us you come to rest. A little time for yourself, while we work on your recovery process so you can function optimally again.


Your path to recovery starts with an intake interview.

10 daags programma

Integral approach inclusive, before and after program.

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Focused on stress and tension


Rianne Schorel is a former professional soccer player in the US and the Netherlands, she is CEO of Move the Brain, author of two books, and a thought leader on sports-related brain and head injury prevention and recovery.

As a professional football player, Rianne suffered a life-changing brain injury from heading the ball. After a long road of nearly ten years of recovery, including a diagnosis, she decided something had to change in the prevention and treatment of brain trauma.

Together with her twin sister Nanja, she founded Move the Brain, a multidisciplinary recovery and training center to help people return to normal life after brain injury.


For a large part of the Dutch working population, our intensive training is not only desirable, but in many cases also necessary to be able to (continue to) make a productive contribution to the company or its own company, not only now but also in the long term.

There are several options to cover the costs of our programs.
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Recovery is possible for everyone

The right training can help you enormously in avoiding burnout or in recovering from PCS, or whiplash.
In addition, with our intensive training (10-day recovery program) you can learn, among other things, to better deal with stress and work more productively.


Every person is different. During the intake interview we want to gain more insight into the nature of your symptoms. We do this by means of questionnaires and a QEEG measurement.
We give you the results of the tests and an appropriate personal advice, tailored to your complaints and symptoms.

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