Use your brain, even if it doesn't work optimally for a while.

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Are you stuck? At Move the Brain we train your brain so your body & brain can function better. We do this with the scientifically proven method of neurotraining, among other things. Since 2018 we have successfully helped more than 400 people in our neurotraining center in Zeist.

Move the Brain has different training programs, tailored to your complaints and symptoms. With us you come to rest. A little time for yourself, while we work on your recovery process so you can function optimally again.

Together we work on an effective and lasting result.

Have you been walking around with symptoms for a while and don’t you feel heard? For example after a concussion, brain injury, PTSD, burnout or after a whiplash? Our program can be the solution for you, so you can recover from your symptoms and full of energy and joy to live the life you want.

See what we do and how our Reset method helps reset your brain here.

Train your brain

The brain is plastic. So you can train your brain to function better or differently. At Move the Brain we apply innovative methods in intensive training programs for the most effective results. Your brain is an important part of your body. Because wrong connections are made in your brain, or it is overloaded, it no longer functions effectively. This can be restored. We like to help you and offer a lasting solution!

Recovery program for your brain

From our own experience, we understand your situation and know how you feel. We give you recognition and understanding and want to work with you on recovery. In our training programs you get 100% of our attention. A total package in which we work towards the best result: recovery of your brain and related physical symptoms, with tailored care and coaching, even after the training program is over. We are here for you!

Tailered to you

During the intake interview we listen to your situation and story. On this basis we will make a tailor-made training program, focused on your complaints and symptoms, with a holistic approach. You gain insight into the functioning of your brain. Together we work on a speedy and lasting recovery. It does not stop there. We also give you tips and exercises to keep working on a healthy brain & body at home.

Fortunately, recovery is possible for everyone

"Jolijn had a serious car accident three years ago. She suffered from overstimulation, no energy, concentration problems and a lot of headaches. This is her result after our training program..."
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Train your brain to recover from your symptoms

It really works!

Nanja recovered from burn-out and Rianne from Post-Communal Syndrome after brain injury. The sisters founded Move the Brain to offer neurotraining in Zeist to you as well.

As an individual you can deduct the costs from your income tax return. As a self-employed person you can classify the costs of our program under business expenses. Or ask your employer to cover the costs, because it is your employer who benefits from the effective and lasting results.


Every person is different. During the intake interview we want to gain more insight into the nature of your symptoms. We do this by means of questionnaires and a QEEG measurement. We give you the results of the tests and an appropriate personal advice, tailored to your complaints and symptoms.

Recovery program

- 10-day intensive training program, including pre-program and aftercare - Holistic training in safe environment - Focused on recovery - Prevents relapse - On location in Zeist, including overnight stay - Healthy nutrition for effective results - Return day with measurement and report

Neurotraining op locatie

- 16-session neurotraining
- Tailor-made advice
- Focused on recovery
- Prevents relapse
- On location in Zeist
- Healthy diet, for effective results

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