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Brain power

Brainpower program

Brainpower, optimize your body and brain.

Do you need rest, inspiration or reflection in your professional or private life? Or do you need to reconnect with yourself? Brainpower in our effective program for entertainment professionals, executives, managers and professional athletes.

Go out your cirkel of live and get stronger and healthy back.

Benefit from our expertise to optimize your brain through our trainings, combined with holistic methods to give your body and brain the boost they need. You can finish our brainpower program in complete privacy.

Do you need this brainpower of your body and brain?

Move The Brain specializes in the combination of trainings and effective methods to restore the body. Scientific research states that the brain is plastic. This means that you can influence the connections in your brain in order to:

  1. Perform better.
  2. Optimize your brain.
  3. Reduce the effects of stress on your body.
  4. Overcome being overwhelmed.
  5. Prevent a burnout.

The integrated holistic methods revitalize your body and give you a much needed boost.

Do you feel that your body needs this? Then read on.

Optimaliseer je brein voor prominenten
The Brainpower-program

The program is divided into three parts. The entire program you can be done enjoy in in a tranquil space.

  1. During intake in we discuss how we can organize the program according to your personal and adjust the program accordingly.
  2. After intake we perform personalized neuro training on location. We use the scientifically proven QEEG to measure brain function activity during this neurofeedback training. During this training we measure brain activity through various exercises. In this way we can effectively identify the overload of connections in your brain, so that we can then draw up a customized program to optimize your brain.
  3. Brainpower program, which includes the following elements:n email at:

o Nutrition – We believe a healthy diet is essential to the recovery process.

o Sport & Movement – Body and mind training.

o Structure – Cognitive behavioral training.

o Relaxation – Massage, during recovery training your body needs to relax often.

o Resistance – Neuro training, you must weaken the old connections in your brain first, in order to establish and stimulate new, better connections. This ensures that you are more resistant to stress and work pressure in the future.

o Rest

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