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Burnout prevention

A little stress is not unhealthy. It can give you focus and make you more alert. Stress becomes unhealthy when there is no recovery, such as a period of rest and relaxation.

Too much stress and insufficient recovery can cause a burnout. Then the stress-related complaints can no longer be ignored. That is when there is a tipping point that makes you feel completely exhausted.

Be on time! You can train your brain to cope better with stress factors. This way you can prevent a burn-out, but you will also feel better about yourself. Our unique BURN OUT PREVENTION TRAINING is an effective training to prevent burnout. Neuro-training and cognitive behavioral training help you to avoid future complaints of stress and burnout, for yourself, your colleagues and/or your employees.

What is a burnout?

burnout is an exhaustion reaction of body and mind. This is the result of prolonged overload without sufficient relaxation. You live constantly in top gear without stopping to step back, relax and recharge. And then? Your battery is finally empty. You feel completely burned out so that you can no longer function.

More and more people are experiencing complaints due to a tense feeling, excessive work pressure, and stress. Everywhere around you, you hear that people have dropped out due to a burnout, or that they are approaching burnout. A burnout is a very intense experience. Your body abandons you. A short circuit occurs in your brain. Your mind wants to go further, but your body can no longer perform as desired.

Your brain can no longer handle incoming stress properly. A configuration problem arises in your brain due to overloading of some connections, which ultimately results in a short circuit. The short circuit is the turning point after which you actually experience a burnout.

The recovery process can take a long time. The connections in your brain must be restored, but better connections must also be set up so that you can prevent the same situation in the future. When you have experienced a burnout, we are happy to help you recover with our burnout recovery training.

With specific training methods it is much easier to prevent a burnout. We do this in our burn-out prevention training.

Do you experience physical, social, and professional complaints due to stress? Do you think that you, someone in your area, a colleague or employee, is heading toward a burnout? Be proactive! Our burn-out prevention training helps you to take a rest, to find yourself again, and to better deal with the stress in the future.

Burn-out Prevention Training Methods

When you approach a burnout, your body becomes increasingly exhausted. There is not enough rest and relaxation, so that your body cannot recharge. It is crucial that you don’t succumb to the stress, but train your brain to deal with it. We guide you through this process in an effective, professional and scientifically proven way.

Neuro-feedback allows us to measure where the overload in your brain takes place. In neuro-training, we try to reconfigure your brain to prevent overloading in the future, and thereby prevent a burnout. Your brain is in fact plastic, or able to change.

Additionally, cognitive behavioral training is incorporated to assist you with finding new ways to behave through changing your thoughts. You will learn skills that help you change your thought patterns so you can better determine an appropriate course of action. We guide you through this.

We believe in an intensive burn-out prevention training, which consists of various components. The combination between these methods gives a better result than when they are applied individually.

We use the following training methods in the program:

  • Nutrition– A healthy lifestyle is essential in the recovery process. We give you tailor-made advice.
  • Movement– Body and mind training,
  • Structure– Cognitive behavioral training,
  • Relaxation– Massage, during recovery training we give you the extra relaxation that your body needs.
  • Resistance– Neuro-training, you must weaken the old connections in your brain to stimulate new, better connections. This ensures that you can deal with stress better in the future.
  • Rest– Body and movement training.

Burn-out prevention training – Intensive program

At MOVE THE BRAIN we pay attention to your complaints, but also to any underlying problems in order to achieve a correct recovery and a behavioral change. MOVE THE BRAIN gives you the personal attention that you need.

1 The preliminary phase of the process

After the intake, you will work independently at home with the MOVE THE BRAIN exercises and personality tests.

2 Training on location

This part consists of intensive training at our location. The program consists of different methods, each with its own strength. The program lasts 5 days, with the possibility to stay overnight.

3 Aftercare route

In this phase, you will receive personal guidance to integrate the learned interventions into your daily life. This anchoring ensures that the chance of a burnout in the future is minimized. But this training mainly ensures that your brain can physically and emotionally cope better with stress factors and work pressure.

Our experience teaches us that this intensive training in combination with the specialist methods has a powerful effect on the brain, your body, and mind.

Proactive attitude

It is an intensive program. That is why a proactive attitude of the participant is very important. Together with the participant, we work on nutrition, movement, structure, resilience, resilience and peace of mind to restore and improve the configuration in the brain.

MOVE THE BRAIN involves a partner, family members and/or colleagues as much as possible in the program of our participants. This is the only way to create an optimal social network that you can rely on to bring about lasting change.


How do you recognize a burnout?

A burnout has become occupational disease number 1 in the Netherlands. A burnout doesn’t just happen to you. Your body often gives signals for a long time. After periods of high stress, your body also needs to relax to recover from the debilitating effects of stress. If your body does not get enough rest and relaxation, it has enough at a certain moment. The plug is pulled out and you completely collapse.

Once the short circuit has occurred in your brain, you can only recover from the burnout. This is a long and difficult process. That is why prevention is better.

If you have not yet experienced a burnout, it is difficult to recognize that you are slowly sliding into the abyss. You are like the prey. The predator (the burnout) sneaks up on you and looks you in the eye, but you don’t see anything. Yet there are signals that you can recognize.

The 12 phases to a burn-out of Freudenbergen & North are as follows:

  1. The compulsion to prove yourself
  2. Work harder
  3. Neglecting your own needs
  4. Avoid conflicts
  5. Norms and values ​​are increasingly skewed
  6. Deny new problems in your life
  7. You withdraw from your social life
  8. Strange behavior changes
  9. Depersonalization
  10. Inner emptiness, greater focus on alcohol, sex and drugs
  11. Depression
  12. Burnout syndrome, mental and physical short circuit.

What phase are you in?

In phase 12 you are extremely tired, and you feel listless. You have a headache, muscle pains and joint pain. Despite your tiredness, you sleep poorly. This reduces your productivity during the day, makes you forgetful and you experience reduced creativity. Your immune system and physical condition are running backwards, which means that you often have a cold and suffer from stomach and intestinal problems. You can no longer relax, do not know what you want and have doubts about everything. You may also have an increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Your body and mind are controlled by the stress. Yet you continue to look for the cause in factors other than stress or a burnout.

Do you recognize these complaints?

Then sign up for effective treatment at MOVE THE BRAIN. With the right tools, and with the right training, you can reduce the effect of stress on your body, mind and life, and prevent a burnout in the future.

Nobody deserves a burnout. Not you, your employer, manager, partner and family; nobody! So, therefore you should take the  steps today to prevent burnout.

The problem is not so much the possible burnout, but the wrong mental, physical and cognitive handling of stress factors in your life. You can train your brain to cope better with (stress) stimuli, so that your brain can perform better. MOVE THE BRAIN.


LOCATION: Our intensive training program takes place in the Imminckhoeve in Lemele, a beautiful, relaxing outdoor environment near Zwolle. Or at your location, for example at a company or in your own home.

RATES: Do you want more information about the costs? Then please contact us. The rates depend on the duration and treatment.


For questions or more information you can send us an e-mail: info@movethebrain.nl . Or view our website: www.movethebrain.nl .

Herken jij deze klachten?

Meld je dan aan voor een effectieve behandeling bij MOVE THE BRAIN. Met de juiste tools, en in de juiste training, kun je het effect van stress op je lichaam, geest en je leven verminderen, en een burn-out in de toekomst voorkomen.

Niemand is gebaad bij een burn-out. Jij niet, je werkgever, manager, partner en gezin; niet niemand! Zet daarom vandaag nog stappen om een burn-out te voorkomen.

Het probleem is niet zozeer de mogelijke burn-out, maar een verkeerde mentale, fysieke en cognitieve omgang met stressfactoren in je leven. Je kunt je brein trainen om beter om te gaan met (stress)prikkels, waardoor je brein beter kan presteren. MOVE THE BRAIN.


LOCATIE: Onze intensief trainingsprogramma vindt plaats in de Imminckhoeve in Lemele, een mooie, rustgevende buitenomgeving vlakbij Zwolle. Of op locatie, bij bijvoorbeeld een bedrijf.

TARIEVEN: Wil je meer informatie over de kosten? Neem dan gerust contact met ons op. De tarieven zijn afhankelijk van de duur en de behandeling.


Voor vragen of meer informatie kun je ons gerust een e-mail sturen: info@movethebrain.nl. Of bekijk onze website: www.movethebrain.nl.