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Burnout prevention training

Do you feel stressed and do you suspect that you are headed for a burnout? Then it’s time to take your foot off the gas. A little stress is not unhealthy: it can give you focus and make you alert.

Our burnout prevention training focuses on body and mind. This intensive training program combines different methods to give your body the necessary rest and relaxation, while at the same time training your brain to better channel stress factors. You can train and optimize your brain for better performance.

Prevent burnout

With too much stress and insufficient recovery (rest and relaxation) a burnout can develop. Then there is a turning point that makes you feel completely exhausted. With our burnout prevention training you can prevent this turning point. So do you feel it’s time to slow down? Are you very stressed and do you notice that you are heading for a burnout? Then our burnout prevention program might be something for you. Because no one is bathed by a burnout. Not you, your employer, manager, partner and family!

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Take steps today to prevent burnout. In our program we focus on your body and mind. With various scientifically based methods, we give your body the necessary rest and relaxation and at the same time train your brain to better channel stress factors.

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