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Burn-out preventietraining

Do you feel stressed and do you suspect you’re going to a burnout? Then it is time to take your foot off the gas. A little stress is not unhealthy: it can give you focus and make you alert.

Our burnout prevention training focuses on body and mind. In this intensive training program, different methods are combined to give your body the necessary rest and relaxation, while at the same time training your brain to better channel stress factors. You can train and optimize your brain for better performance.


Burnout syndrome (BOS) is described as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.

It is characterized by three dimensions;

  1. Feelings of energy
  2. Depletion or exhaustion; increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativismor cynicism related to one s job;
  3. and reduced professional efficacy.

Burnout can increase the likelihood of depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

In many cases, high functioning individuals become alienated, isolated and stress can and often does manifest in physical depletion and mental weariness.

These symptoms are the result of several factors: first the patterns of activity in the brain.
This means our world and its effects on our physiology become patterned and automatic – we can teach our brain to function at a very high stress level which changes our nervous system in a negative way, including increases/decreases in cortisol (stress hormone), increased experiences with insomnia, anxiety, and depressive symptoms.

For these individuals there is not often an outlet to talk about these feelings and patterns due to potential effects on position and relations with other executives.

Our concept of self becomes interlaced with the chronic stress of the workplace and balancing other areas of life. We begin to isolate, overly criticize ourselves and importantly place greater demands on ourselves, which creates a self-stress loop that affects every aspect of life.

The brain can unlearn these patterns. The brain can be taught to reset the self and reprogram the autonomic reactions to the environment.

“The brain can learn to practice positive state space in all circumstances which will improve performance, social interactions and interpersonal skills, and importantly emotional intelligence. We all need a refresh or reboost at some point in our career and social development”

Do you want to feel good again soon?

LOCATION: Our intensive training programs take place in a beautiful, relaxing environment in Zeist.

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