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Burn-out programm

A little stress is not unhealthy. It can keep you focused and alert. Stress becomes unhealthy when there is no time to recover and relax.

Too much stress and insufficient recovery can cause burnout. At this point your body’s response to this stress can no longer be ignored. This is a tipping point that makes you feel completely exhausted.

Do you want to feel comfortable in your skin after a burnout and return to your normal life?

Our unique BURNOUT TRAINING is an effective and short-term treatment for burnout. The program helps you recover from burnout symptoms. Neuro training and cognitive-behavioral training then help you to prevent stress complaints in the future, as well as a subsequent burnout.

Do you want to feel good again quickly? Sign up now for our intensive program at our training location. Please note that the training is elective and not reimbursed through health insurance and we only focus with our burnout program on work related burnout.

The program is intended to lay a solid foundation in order to begin desired changes in your life. In addition, this program is intended to get you back to baseline and also to prevent relapse of old patterns of information processing.

Read our brochure for more info about our burnout training.

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