Burn-out recovery program

Do you feel completely exhausted? Do you feel like you no longer have control over your feelings and brain? Then you might have a burnout.

A little stress is not unhealthy. It can sometimes give you focus and make you alert. Stress can only become really unhealthy when there is no recovery, such as a period of rest and relaxation. A burnout can therefore develop if the recovery is insufficient. Your stress-related complaints can no longer be ignored and you feel completely exhausted, so that you can no longer function properly.

How do you recognize a burnout?

Burnout is an exhaustion reaction of body and mind. This is the result of prolonged overload without adequate relaxation. You constantly live in the highest gear, without taking a step back, relaxing and recharging. And then? Then the battery is eventually empty. You feel completely burned out so that you can no longer function properly.

Physical complaints can include: extreme fatigue, headache, muscle pain, sleeping problems and an accelerated heart rate. You can also suffer from mental complaints, such as reduced performance, forgetfulness, doubt and poor concentration. Emotional complaints manifest themselves in, among other things, irritability, anxiety, insecurity, mood swings and feelings of depression.

You can train your brain to reset and reprogram itself. In addition, you can teach your brain to deal better with stress stimuli. And our program can do that for you!

Procedure and program

At Move the Brain we work with personalized and scientifically based training. When you have registered for our burn-out recovery program, we will send you all the desired information and we will schedule an intake test. During the intake interview we gain insight into the nature of your complaints by means of measurements, interviews and questionnaires. This results in a report and based on your situation and needs you will be offered a tailor-made package. You then start with a 1-month preliminary process, in which you will receive personalized exercises and work on your lifestyle, among other things. After this, the 10-day recovery program on location (Zeist) starts.

During these 10 days, a multidisciplinary team will provide you with, for example, cognitive behavioral training, resilience training and relaxation therapy, but you will also focus on your lifestyle and perform various tests. Thanks to these innovative and scientifically endorsed methods, your brain is stimulated and we ensure that you are more resistant to stress or work pressure in the future. After this you can go home mentally stronger!

And then? Is it over then? Certainly not! 30 days after the program you will return to the location once for a number of measurements. We compare the results of this with the measurements of the intake and at the start of the program. In the meantime, you will continue to work on your behavior and lifestyle. After the program we will continue to coach you (depending on your package).

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