Fees and charges

More information about deductions and reimbursements

Fees and Charges

Interested in one of our training courses? The right training can help you enormously in avoiding burnout, or recovering from PCS. Moreover, with our intensive training you can learn, among other things, to better deal with stress and to be more productive.

For a large part of the Dutch working population our intensive training is not only desirable, but in many cases necessary in order to be able to (continue to) contribute productively to the company or the own business.

Do not hesitate, but request information for an intensive training 10 days or basic program that fits your needs. There are several possibilities to cover the costs of our trainings.

Reimbursement possibilities for independent entrepreneurs.

A self-employed person can easily classify the costs of a Move the Brain training as business expenses.

For example, the training can be classified as a business expense. The hours spent on coaching or training count towards the hour criterion. Neurotraining is a so-called learning activity and therefore falls under the deduction of study & training. Coaching is also a learning activity, which can be put under the heading of personal development.

This allows you to include our training and programs in your operating results and thus financially justify and settle it, and also deduct VAT.

Possibilities of reimbursement through the employer

In some cases the employer is willing to pay all or part of the costs. After all, it is also in the interest of the employer that you function well; for example, in case of PCS, PTSD, mental problems, or burn-out symptoms, stress, attention and concentration problems and sleep problems. Also, the training is sometimes reimbursed in case of a work-related accident resulting in certain symptoms. Furthermore, the costs can be claimed under the heading “Study Costs” through the tax authorities, if the purpose of the treatment is to invest in your career and development/career improvement. Study costs to improve the working position are deductible, hence only the expenses above the threshold can be deducted. It is best to contact the regional tax office for this.

http://www.noestadvocatuur.nl/ernstig-verwijtbaar-handelen-werkgever/ ]Expenses for education, study or personal training, aimed at the recognition of talents, qualities and skills and the development thereof, in order to obtain income from work and home or to obtain a better position, are deductible as training expenses. The employee does not have to pay tax on this allowance from his employer.

If an employer reimburses only part of the costs, the remaining amount may still be eligible for tax deduction. For an employer, the cost of the training program, including neurotraining and coaching, is an expense that reduces taxable income, if these activities contribute to maintaining or restoring work ability, or ensure sustainable reintegration into the workforce (which is the case, for example, in the case of disability). We believe that our training courses are irrevocably part of this

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