Cost/ training - MOVE THE BRAIN



A self-employed person can easily add the costs for a training by MOVE THE BRAIN for to the operating costs.

Neuro training can, for example, be beneficial to operating results. The hours spent on coaching or training count towards the hour criterion. Neuro training is a learning activity and therefore falls under the studying & training deduction. Coaching is also a learning activity that can be classified as personal development.

With this you can classify our training and programs under your business expenses and in this way financially account and settle, and deduct VAT.


Not your own boss? Then your employer will probably be very happy when you and/or your colleagues either plan prevent a burnout, recover quickly, or learn how to cope better with stress in order to reduce possible dropouts in the future. In these ways everyone can profit from our effective training courses and programs.

An employer is therefore probably willing to take on the costs of the training program for you or even several employees within the company.

Expenditure on education, study, or personal training that is aimed at improving or developing one’s skills or qualities that pertain to one’s job in order to obtain a better position, is deductible under educational expenses. The employee does not have to pay tax on this allowance from his employer.

If an employer only reimburses part of the costs, the remaining amount may still be eligible for tax deduction. For an employer, the costs for the training program, including neuro training and coaching, are a cost item that reduces taxable income if these activities contribute to maintaining a worker’s ability to perform, or to ensure sustainable reintegration into the labor pool (in a disability case for example). In our opinion, our training courses are irrevocably part of this recovery process.

We can say from experience that it is very likely that a discussion about your condition with your employer or manager will have a positive outcome if you are seeking rehabilitative treatment. If you express that you are experiencing too much stress and offer up Move The Brain training as a solution to prevent long-term absences from work in the future or to effectively reintegrate back into your position, chances are good that your employer will respond positively and benevolently in order to find a solution together. Our training courses are a perfect and effective solution for this.