Can an employee no longer do his or her work (properly) because he or she has had physical and mental complaints for a longer period of time? Due to an accident or perhaps a burnout? Then we can help. We treat people who have dropped out for weeks, months or even years with long-term complaints or who are at risk of falling out.

We see that organizations are paying more and more attention to a careful and effective absenteeism and prevention policy, in which we contribute to its realization. We therefore offer tailor-made programs, aimed at recovery from PCS, PTSD or a Burn-out.


At Move the Brain we work with personalized and scientifically based training that ensures effective and lasting recovery. After the online registration, we start to schedule an intake interview. Based on the intake, individual advice is given about the most suitable program. This can be a program of 6, 12, 18 and where necessary depending on the nature, 20 to 24 weeks.

Our program is a so-called learning activity and therefore falls under the study & training deduction. Coaching is also a learning activity that can be referred to as personal development. This way you can classify it under business results and in this way account for / settle it financially and deduct VAT.