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Experiences of our customers

” It was a fight, but I’m back!”
Three years ago, I fell with my bike and I suffered a major concussion. After three days of rest I resumed my work. However, I had had all kinds of "vague" complaints. I couldn't stand sounds anymore, was quickly tired, emotional, headache, etc. I dragged myself through the day. I wanted to be fit and energetic again.I will never forget the intake interview at MTB. They recognized my complaints and had an explanation for what was happening to me.Currently, more than half a year later, I have to acknowledge that I am a different person. I can recommend MTB to anyone who suffers from a concussion or burnout!!Carla(more…)
” She is back”
Thanks to the knowledge, professionalism and positive thinking of the team, we see Veerle (17) improving every day, step-by-step. The negative symptoms have changed into positivity. She is now an active, positive, cheerful girl who has become more self-aware and has set goals that she will achieve in the future.In the last scan that Veerle has had, we could clearly see that she has made great improvements and that her brain is working again at the level that is needed to actively participate in the world around her. This is exactly what you would want for you children as a parent. Move The Brain: thanks for the support for Veerle and for us.Gerard Vriens
“I dare to do things again”
I dare to do things again, to take up challenges and to enjoy life. In addition, the process has provided many tools to further shape my future and, in addition, to provide guidance when things get difficult. I would definitely recommend the personal guidance of MTB. It is a good program. The trainers have a big heart and are very competent. It is a great step towards full recovery.Sander (35)
“I learned a lot”
I was insecure. I felt as if I had been left on my own. I couldn't find the right professional help and received conflicting advices. This caused a lot of frustration. I have experienced the Move the Brain program very positively. The team was warm and involved with personal attention for everyone. I have received hope and a safety net + tools to further help me to recover. I can wholeheartedly recommend the program to everyone.Sanne
Back to school
The two-week training was intensive and tiring for Eva (14), but only after a few days she already noticed that the exercises were successful and that she had more energy. The variety between the different types of training were great. Eva, as the only non-adult, felt at ease in the group and the trainers were all nice and involved. It was good to share and be among others who suffered the same characteristics.Today she can smile again and she has the will and energy to meet friends. Sometimes after a busy week she is tired, but it doesn't give her a headache anymore.Tessa, mother of Eva
My 16 year old daughter fell on her head three years ago and since then has suffered from various complaints every day, including headache, dizziness, nausea and tiredness. This year she could no longer go to school. She was completely stuck. But a diagnosis didn't come.After a QEEG scan at Move the Brain it became clear that my daughter's complaints had a reason: the post-concussion syndrome (PCS). At last! After the intensive training, she had to adapt. She currently works three times a week for a few hours a day. She cycles, sports and comes home happy every day.What a difference with 2 months ago! From helpless, hopeless to confidence in the future!!Marieke & Dewi
“Go with the flow”
After I sustained an injury on my head two years ago, I kept having complaints. The main complaints were hypersensitivity to many external stimuli such as light/sound/movements, getting stuck mentally and persistent mental fatigue.Being able to again go along with the flow of family life. Experience and celebrate life. Having a positive perspective on the future again. That is what the intensive training at Move The Brain has given me.
Peace in my head
Before I started this training, I felt very confused with myself: always a storm in my head, frustrated and daily physical failure due to too much tension and stress.After a 2-week internal training I was finally able to find peace, despite the difficulty of the training. I felt reborn.Finally I had the cherished peace in my head and as a result the resilience to continue my life again. I feel good, I feel strong.Ymo Hartzema
” I am much better”
This really was one of the best choices I have ever made. I was nervous and I didn't know what to expect from it. I also didn't want to get my hopes up that it would work. Those two weeks were hard work, but it was worth it, it really helped me a lot. The entire program is very well coordinated and goes much further than just neuro training. I thought I would only receive help for my bruise, but this went much further. A nice coach, sports, good food and especially the conversations with the other clients made the experience very enjoyable.It was also refreshing to be in an environment where you don't have to constantly explain how you feel, because everyone is experiencing the same issues. After the training I felt much more positive and I could handle much more than before. Of course I am not quite fully recovered yet, and I have to make sure that I get enough rest, but the difference after the program is huge.I had a great time at Move the Brain and I remember it fondly. I would recommend it to anyone!Michiel O.
I feel alive again
I have experienced the intensive training as very positive. First of all the guidance from all different disciplines was great. All very involved and cooperative. It felt like a hot bath, even though it was hard at times. I am still in touch with others from the group. We understand each other.Im doing a lot better today. I am not there yet, but the worst is over. I can slowly pick up my social life again and have more energy. In addition, I sleep much better. I have to listen to my body and dose. Sometimes it goes wrong. Then I cross my limits. In the training weeks I received tools on how to deal with this overdoses. It has helped me to be positive again about my future.I would definitely recommend it to others, and have already done so. The guidance is very personal and continues after these weeks. I still notice improvements every week.Esther