Make the next step to recovery

Looking to find the last documentary of the Co founders MTB?

For an inside look into Rianne Schorel’s (Co-Founder of Move the Brain) powerful journey to healing from Post-Concussion Syndrome, check out this brand new documentary!  Click here

How much does a training cost?

Depending on individual needs and choices, prices are between € 6575 and € 8.000 exl 21% tax. Please personally contact us for more information.

How do you determine which training passes with which person?

Through the assessment of your intake.

Why can't you be reached by phone?

Due to the high volume of interest in our program, as well as the complexity in explanation of program-types, we have found it works best to limit personal phonecalls to clients who have committed to a specific program. We want to ensure our dear clients feel valued and that we respect their time and commitment. We feel confident that clients are able to get the comprehensive information they need by reference to our website, as well as email correspondence.

Is the training individual or with the group?

The training is individually designed and focused on your own personal path to recovery. There are, however, a number of short group sessions during the week. Creating a sense of community in a safe environment plays a very important role in the road to lasting recovery. Our hope is that clients take this sense of “teammanship” home with them as they continue on their journeys toward healing.

Is everyone suitable for the program:

No, not everyone is suitable. Our program requires responsibility and the will to take steps. We do this in a warm and safe environment. Please contact us for more information to see if any of our programs are suitable for you.

What makes our training unique:

Our training is unique because of our personal approach and the knowledge of the brain that we can use in a multidisciplinary way. Furthermore, a large portion of our staff have gone through the process of recovering from a traumatic incident or brain injury. Therefore, we have been able to identify very closely with our clients, as well as identify necessary elements in the road to recovery. We also boast top-of-the-line software that can be identified as unique to our program.