MOVE THE BRAIN was founded by the twin sisters Rianne Schorel and Nanja Schorel. Driven by their own personal experience and Nanja her medical knowledge (20 years), they wanted to make the impossible possible by making positivity work for them.

They would like to share the way in which they have learned to overcome the obstacles in their lives with others who have the same desire and this is the basis for Move The Brain. Nanja suffered a serious burnout 12 years ago and in 2008 Rianne suffered a major head injury while playing football for ADO Den Haag. A long way followed for Rianne to recover from the accumulated whiplash and concussion.

Partly thanks to the continued support of her sister Nanja, she was able to meet the challenges she encountered on the road to recovery. After years of struggle, a complete recovery followed for Rianne and she was able to turn a new page in her life.

With the founding of MOVE THE BRAIN, Rianne and Nanja also want to help others who suffer as a result of brain problems, and let others share in the victory they have achieved. With a mix of innovation, research-oriented solutions and solid expertise, MOVE THE BRAIN offers a wide range of training courses that can help you. The training programs of MOVE THE BRAIN provide a solution for various complaints in the field of the brain. Read more about the story of Nanja and Rianne in these different publications in the press:

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Rianne has written a book about her experiences and her recovery: “Living with My Concussion.”

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