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The brain is plastic. So, you can train your brain to function better or differently. This is also called neurotraining . Move the Brain is the first Brain Training Center in the Netherlands , founded by twin sisters Rianne and Nanja . At Move the Brain We apply innovative methods to intensive training programs , in which we combine neuroscience training with other training components for the most effective results.

Your brain is an important part of your body. Because wrong connections are made in your brain, or if they are overloaded, it no longer functions effectively. For example, in the cases of excessive stress, a burnout, or after a concussion.

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Intensive training, for the best results

Move the Brain has successfully trained roughly 100 people since October 2018. The center offers the best training for burnout recovery, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI),  post concussion (PCS) and burnout prevention.

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Innovative training methods

We use neuroscientific methodsalternative therapies and nutritional supplements to help restore the functioning of the brain. Each of us has billions of brain cells and we are able to generate new cells. The brain circuits are malleable (neuroplasticity), which means that you can throw away old patterns and form new ones. This way you can change how you think, remember and act.

Recovery training for burnout, TBI and PRC

Life after a concussion, TBI or burnout can be a daily struggle. It is overwhelming and can lead to social isolation and depression. You may not see a way out. The good news is that concussions and burnouts can be trained!

Move the Brain works together with various American neuro-scientists, clinical neuropsychologists and functional medicine. Our own experiences in the past have led us to set up this training center and helped us prepare the programs. Rianne Schorel in the area of ​​concussions and her twin sister Nanja in the area of ​​burnout.

Trainingsprograms Move The Brain

Move The Brain offers the following training programs for individuals, companies and for reintegration into the labor market:

10-day training program

  • Neuro training methods
  • Focused on recovery
  • Prevents relapse
  • Boarding is on location in Lemele
  • Healthy meals to promote effective results
  • Popular among entertainment industry professionals, professional athletes and larger corporations

Private environment

  • 5 to 10 days to relax and reboost
  • Brain optimization
  • Healthy personalized meals included
  • Exercise and relaxation
  • Life coaching

More information from september 2019


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