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Thank you for visiting our site! This is your first step to the path of your recovery. We believe in the power of the brain. The brain is an amazing and complicated organ. Did you know that the brain contains 100,000 billion connections?! Or, that when resting, the human brain accounts for one fifth of all energy generated by your body? How big do you think the brain is? Well, if you can imagine: your brain consists of 100 billion cells!

Brain injuries affect millions of people around the world every year. Unlike many years prior, we don’t have to wait and see if the symptoms will disappear. We want to help people with different types of brain injuries, exhaustion, and neurological disorders.

We offer recovery programs at various locations and also at our neurocognitive training center. Our innovative, effective methods will help train your brain to become stronger. We begin by analyzing your brain to locate the overworked areas in order to target the imbalance. Our fantastic team works closely with an American neuroscientist from a recognized American research institute. We are committed to providing personalized recovery and do everything we can to get YOU back in balance. We will get you back in balance by combining our body, mind, and cognitive program with intensive training sessions. Our most advanced training tool, QEEG Deep Brain (Loreta Z-score) Neurotraining, accurately locates the problem areas in your brain, similarly to an MRI. This type of scan produces highly accurate results which enable us to accurately focus on your problem areas, which translates to fewer sessions needed before you notice results.

Trainingsprograms Move The Brain

Move The Brain offers the following training programs for both individuals and businesses:

10-day training program

  • Neuro training methods
  • Focused on recovery
  • Prevents relapse
  • Boarding is on location in Lemele
  • Healthy meals to promote effective results
  • Popular among entertainment industry professionals, professional athletes and larger corporations

Private environment

  • 5 to 10 days to relax and reboost
  • Brain optimization
  • Healthy personalized meals included
  • Exercise and relaxation
  • Life coaching

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