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Where is Move the Brain located ?

Move the Brain organizes the training programs at different locations:

Training programs are given at our location in Zeist.
Training programs are also available on location for corporate customers and companies. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities.
An environment that fits well with recovery and well-being.

At Move the Brain, we believe that the environment is just as important as the training itself for recovery and well-being.

It is imperative that our clients feel relaxed and at ease during training, and this is why our beautiful 20-room office has been furnished as a home rather than a clinic, to provide a calm and calming environment for anyone who needs support come and find us.

Our goal is to provide a quiet place for our clients, with time to relax and disconnect from their daily lives (which may have become harmful), to focus on recovery.

Our beautiful surroundings in Zeist include:
– Quiet and warm living areas where clients can relax and spend their free time
– Small gym, exclusively for our clients
– Beautiful scenery
– Private rooms for consultation
– Rooms for group training