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Move The Brain Run

Do you participate in the 1st Move The Brain Run on November 9 in Zeist. A beautiful route around Slot Zeist and the start at our new office of Move The Brain.

Do you run into the Invisible injury and do you support the charity Get Connect Foundation?

Voor wie?

De Move The Brain run is voor iedereen, iedereen kan mee doen!

Run along against the invisible injury and more research for more information

Voluntary donations are welcome and will go to the Get Connect Foundation for more research into, among other things, invisible injury and head injuries.

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(Watch out you go for sign up to the page of the Bubbelrun)

Time and cost

The Move The Brain run is for everybody, everybod can join!

14.30-14.45: Opening building
15.00-16.00: 2 & 4 KM run; Goede doel “research for hoofdletsel”

Broederplein 29 in Zeist

Price: Free

Included  startnumber + medaille en time registration clock.


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Distance and route

You can choose to 2 or 4 km.