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Move The Brain


The brain is plastic. This means that the brain can be trained to function better or differently. Move the Brain is the first neurotraining center in the Netherlands. At Move the Brain we apply innovative methods in intensive training programs, in which we combine neurotraining with other training components for the most effective result. Move the Brain collaborates with various American Neuro and and Clinical Neuro psychologists and functional doctors. The above doctors have done years of research, which after consultation with the founders of Move The Brain and their experience led to Move the Brain.

Optimize your brain and let your brain perform better. 

Our trainingsprograms

Move the Brain offers training programs for companies, business customers and individuals; on location or in our training center in Zeist; in groups or in the desired privacy.

Why the intensieve trainingsprogram by Move the Brain?

  1. Continue to function better Improve the connections in your brain> for fewer complaints
  2. Train the brain to cope better with stress factors
  3. Experience less stress = freedom, happiness and productivity
  4. Prevent failure due to over voltage and burnout
  5. Limit dropouts with effective preventive training
  6. Effective training for improvement in the brain


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We use neuroscientific methods, alternative therapies and nutritional supplements to help the brain and restore the functioning of the brain. Each of us has billions of brain cells and we are able to generate new cells. The brain circuits are malleable (neuroplasticity). This way you can change how you think, remember and act. That is the power of our neurotrainings.


After 18 years of searching, my life has a purpose again! |
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“She had fallen on her head and got stuck completely. At Move the Brain she discovered the real cause: PCS. She now comes home enthusiastically every day. What a difference! From powerless, hopeless to confidence in the future!”

Moeder Marieke over Dewi

“I came home from work. I literally thought I was going crazy. With the tools of the intensive program of Move The Brain I was able to pick up the work again in the short term. And apart from my work, my life got a life a new twist. Thankful! “