Post commotioneel syndroom programma

Our unique neuro program is an effective training for Post-Concussion Syndrome. Rianne Schorel herself, one of the founders of Move The Brain, can personally testify to this.

The difference between concussion and Post-Concussion Syndrome is often misunderstood.
A concussion is a short-term injury that goes away fairly quickly and lasts for a few days to two weeks at most. It is only when the symptoms last longer than a couple of weeks that it’s possibly Post-Concussion Syndrome or PCS.

Post-Concussion Syndrome is sometimes considered a “long-term concussion”. That is not the case. Post-Concussion Syndrome is a complex condition with various symptoms. Post-Concussion Syndrome symptoms can begin to occur within a few days after the concussion. Symptoms can last for weeks or even longer than a year.

Since its launch in June 2018, MOVE THE BRAIN has successfully helped more than 150 participants recover from Post-Concussion Syndrome .

More information about our POST-CONCUSSION SYNDROME TRAINING can be find in our brochure. Please note that this training is not normally covered by health insurance companies.

The training at MOVE THE BRAIN was very successful at minimizing the following PCS symptoms during the intensive program:

Over stimulation, anxiety, fatigue, depression, faulty information processing, headache, dizziness, and concentration difficulties.

Do you recognize this symptoms?

Clients with recovery on this symptoms On the image above you see a number of specializations where we score in our intensive training program. From 0 (%) to 100 (%)

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The program aims to lay a solid foundation so that you can achieve your desired changes in the future. Additionally, this program is intended to help you lay out a solid foundation, and teach you certain techniques, so that you don’t relapse, and then your brain reconnects to the old faulty neural pathways.

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