Concussion / Post-Concussion Syndrome

Have you been bumped, hit or have an accident? Was your head hit or shaken? Do you experience complaints as a result? You may have a concussion. This will pass relatively quickly. What many people don’t know is that these concussion symptoms can also last for months or even years. You then most likely have Postcommotional Syndrome (PCS).

Do the complaints have a negative effect on you? Do you experience that you can no longer participate? Are you no longer able to live your life your way? Stop walking! Good news, you can recover!

Move The Brain has PCS programs that provide effective and lasting recovery. We have recovered from PCS ourselves, work with a medically qualified team and are based on research. That is why every recovery process starts on location, is personal, intensive and multidisciplinary and you train in our rehabilitation philosophy!

We are going to help you, give you hope and want you to come back!

How do you recognize PCS?

Do the symptoms of a concussion last longer than usual? You may have Postcommotional Syndrome. Other complaints can include:

– Over-stimulation (light / sound)
– Fatigue
– Depressed feelings
– Bad information processing
– Headache
– Concentration problems
– Fear
– Irritability
– Coordination problems

The Move the Brain program helps with these complaints and also provides recognition and recognition.

Procedure and program

At Move the Brain we work with personalized and scientifically based training. When you have registered, we will send you all the desired information and we will schedule an intake test. During the intake interview we gain insight into the nature of your complaints by means of measurements, interviews and questionnaires. This results in a report and based on your situation and needs you will be offered a tailor-made package. You then start with a 1-month preliminary process, in which you will receive personalized exercises and work on your lifestyle, among other things. After this, the 10-day recovery program on location (Zeist) starts.

During these 10 days, a multidisciplinary team will provide you with, for example, cognitive behavioral training, resilience training and relaxation therapy, but you will also focus on your lifestyle and perform various tests. Thanks to these innovative and scientifically endorsed methods, your brain is stimulated and we ensure that you are more resistant to stress or work pressure in the future. After this you can go home mentally stronger!

And then? Is it over then? Certainly not! 30 days after the program you will return to the location once for a number of measurements. We compare the results of this with the measurements of the intake and at the start of the program. In the meantime, you will continue to work on your behavior and lifestyle. After the program we will continue to coach you (depending on your package).

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Do you want to feel good again soon?

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We continuously measure the progress of our participants. That is why we know that about 72% have returned to work or school within 3 months.

Social life is often resumed even faster. Within 4 weeks, no less than 69% are back enjoying fun social activities.