Packages & rates

Rates and packages tailor-made for you with clear prices in advance​

Packages & rates

We always start our programs with an intake. The outcome determines the training method and thus the customized program, the tailored advice.

The tailor-made advice focuses on the complaints and symptoms that someone experiences and how you can tackle these from the cause for full recovery. How you can regain full control over your brain.

A key, as it were, to start the engine again and a plan of approach to keep your body working well permanently. Clients tell us that this approach gives them recognition. You are not crazy, your brain and body can only at this moment by circumstances not make the necessary connection. Making that connection again from a holistic approach, essentially a complete reset,
that is what we help you with.


Every person is different. We start with an intake interview in which we want to gain more insight into the nature of your complaints. We do this on the basis of a functional assessment. We will give you the results of the tests and appropriate personal advice, adapted to your complaints and symptoms.

Intensive Neuroprogram particulier

Intensive Neuroprogram business

Prices for the intensive recovery programs do not include hotel.
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Costs and Fees

The right training can help you immensely in avoiding burnout, or in recovering from PCS or PTSD. In addition, with our intensive training (10 days) you can learn, among other things, to better deal with stress and be more productive.

For a large part of the Dutch working population, our intensive training is not only desirable, but in many cases also necessary to be able to (continue to) make a productive contribution to the company or its own company.

So don’t hesitate too long, request information for an intensive training   10 days that suits your wishes. There are several options to cover the costs of our training courses.

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