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Are you tired, over-stimulated and do you need time to recharge? Is it too busy at home to recover, and do you feel that you are sliding further and further away? Do you literally want REBOOSTEN for 5, 7 or 14 days? Move the Brain offers an effective program that gives you the necessary rest and relaxation, but also the tools to revitalize and restore your body and brain. After our program you go home better and you are mentally stronger than ever.

Reboost your Life retraite program

Our Reboost your Life program is the retreat that your body and brain need. It includes healthy food, exercise, relaxation, rest, body and mind, walking and cycling.

We offer our special Reboost your Life retreat at our location in Zeist, in the midst of peace and nature. This is the perfect location for the retreat that you need.

Reboost your Life – for rest, relaxation and revitalization

In the program you have the time and opportunity to unwind and relax, walk or cycle in the beautiful surroundings of the location in Zeist.

In addition, the program includes the following points:


  • Nutrition – We believe that a healthy diet is essential for the recovery process of your body and brain.
  • Sport & movement – A training for both the body and the mind.
  • Structure – Cognitive behavioral training.
  • Rest – 
Ontspanning retraite

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