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More information about our intensive 10 day program

What is our 10-day intensive training program?

With us, you come to rest. In the recovery program, we will work to restore your brain & body. Move the Brain strives to give you both the tools and the knowledge needed to effectively reclaim your energy, identity, purpose in life and daily joy on your path to recovery. 

After your application, we begin by scheduling an intake meeting.

Program 10-day intensive training program

The 10-day recovery program is an intensive and extensive program that focuses on the recovery process of your body and brain. This program consists of three phases. Under the guidance of a multidisciplinary team, we work on restoring your body and brain, for a lasting and sustainable result. 

1. Preliminary phase
Every person is different. During the intake interview, we want to gain more insight into the nature of you. We do this on the basis of questionnaires and a functional assessment. Based on this, we draw up a suitable program, adapted to your complaints and symptoms. Based on this research, we provide an advisory report with our recommendations. After you agree to the training
program, we will also give you a week program a month before the program starts to prepare yourself as well as possible for the training on location.

2. Training Phase
The goal of Move the Brain’s training program is to help people overcome the debilitating symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome, burnout and PTSD. We do this based on the philosophy that the whole body should be trained. We conduct extensive assessments, including brain mapping, to find factors in the brain and body that are preventing you from reaching your potential. Every aspect of the program provides a clear focus and essential training when it comes to holistically healing your body, mind and brain. Using various tools, we monitor your progress in the program to improve the effectiveness of the various training components.

This program is personalized based on the advice drawn up during the intake, and specially developed for people with a low energy level due to the fatigue symptoms that many of our participants experience. From personal experience we know exactly how to draw up a suitable program, which is adjusted where necessary on a personal level. Thanks to our innovative methods, your body is stimulated to recover. In this way we ensure that you work towards an effective and lasting result. 
The program takes place every day between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM, after which you can have dinner and overnight in a hotel nearby.

3. Return phase
The training program is certainly not over after this 10-day program. In the first month after the program we will contact you weekly to discuss the recovery process. After a month you will return to the location for a number of measurements. We compare the results of this with the tests of the intake and at the start of the program. In the meantime, you will continue to work on your behavior and lifestyle using the tools and knowledge we have given you. Depending on your programme, we will continue to coach you. In this way we hope to achieve an effective change without relapse. achieve change without relapse.

Go for recovery!

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Frequently Asked Questions About the 10-Day Recovery Program

General questions

Send us an email with your questions and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Nee het 5 daags neurotrainingsprogramma is gericht op mensen die niet langer dan 1.5 jaar uit de roulatie zijn.


Personal approach, We can show the improvements of the neurofeedback well, advanced method, tailor-made program for the neurotraining, direct traceability to the complaints.

We do this on the basis of the intake and tests that you perform.

No, these only take place at our location in Zeist. You will then spend the night in a hotel nearby.

Our program is suitable for young people and adults from 16 years old. Do you have a child younger than 16 years old? Please feel free to contact us so that we can look for an alternative.

No, not everyone is suitable, our training requires responsibility and the will to take steps. We do this in a warm and safe environment. Also, the program is not suitable for individuals diagnosed with autism or borderline. Our building is not wheelchair friendly, which is why the program is not suitable for people in a wheelchair.

Yes, our program is individualized based on the advice prepared during the intake. This makes our program suitable for people with a low energy level. Since fatigue complaints are very common among our participants, we know from our experience how we can draw up a plan that is not too intensive.

Yes, there are several quiet areas in our building where you can relax.

After the program

This depends on the program choice. With neurotraining there is no after guidance. You can always contact us after the training if you have any questions. With the 10-day program you will have weekly telephone contact with us for at least the first month. There is also a return day after 30 days and you can schedule multiple training sessions, if necessary. Depending on your needs, you will also stay in touch with us afterwards.

This differs per person, one immediately picks up everything again, while the other needs more time for this. Keep in mind that you may feel tired after the program.

Prior to the training at Move the Brain, participants struggle with similar complaints such as overstimulation (light and sound), fatigue and headache. Most showed no visible lesion on a scan. After the training at Move the Brain, they experience improvement in focus. They can focus longer and better, are less bothered by light and sound and have more insight into their load capacity. They also have a more positive self-image.

In particular, the homely atmosphere, the recognition and recognition by participants, coaches and QEEG and being away from home are experienced as very positive. The combination of individual therapy and group, as well as aftercare is also regarded as positive.

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