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Move the Brain programs

These are our tailor-made recovery programs for people dealing with a concussion/PCS, Burnout, Stress, or PTSD. Our approach is multidisciplinary: neurotraining, sports, exercise, nutrition and relaxation. You get real tailor-made advice, because every person is unique. We have our own research center and provide advice based on neurofeedback, proven methods and programs aimed at complaints and symptoms. The deep brain analysis is the starting point. With interim measurements we show how your brain is developing and what improvements there are. This will be on a scientifically substantiated, visible on scans.zijn.

Concussion / PCS

Stop. You can recover from this!
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Burn-out/ Stress

Completely extinguished? No more control over your feelings and brain?

Mild Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Have you experienced something bad and does the bad event keep coming back?


If you’re not fully recovered, there may be some long-term symptoms that you need to get under control.


Do you suffer from cognitive complaints?

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