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Testimonial eng

My 16 year old docher is 3 years ago and since then has had various complaints every day. headache, dizzy, nausea, tired, etc ... This year, her exam year, she went home from school when she could no longer. She was completely stuck. In the hospital I had several examinations (including one) and had references, but nowhere a diagnostic. This made it clear that my daughter's complaints had a reason. They had a Post Commotional Syndrome. Finally recognition and recognition! But also sadness. Within a week she could already go for an internal treatment of 2 weeks. Exciting, but how ready she was! These 2 weeks were hard work for our daughter but also really nice. The others in the group had the same symptoms, that gave a bond and the neurotrainings soon improved her symptoms. In addition to neurotraining, she did yoga, learned breathing exercises, and had conversations with a coach about how to proceed on this route. We had a very enthusiastic daughter on the phone every evening! For us as parents it was even relaxing in those 2 weeks. Even distancing yourself from ... No matter how difficult that was, it was necessary. Returning home was difficult after the 2-week internship. She had had such a good time there and had to get used to it at home. She was also busy at home with what she had learned as an intern. That was difficult, but after a week of rest they started applying for a part-time job. She now works three times a week for a few hours a day and she goes there by bike! Additions she goes to the physio twice a week to continue building her condition. She comes home enthusiastically every day with stories of what she has experienced that day. Next school year she still wants to get her diploma! What a difference with 2 months ago! From powerless, hopeless to confidence in the future !! Marieke and Dewi  I'M BACK!
Go with the flow
Being able to go along with the flow of the life of our young family again. Experience and celebrate life. With another positive outlook on the future. That has brought me intensive training at Move The Brain. After I sustained an injury two years ago after a fall on my head I kept having complaints. The main complaints were hypersensitivity to many external stimuli such as light / sound / movements, my head getting stuck and persistent mental fatigue. After a rehabilitation period I had received many handles. With all the adjustments I tried to get the strings in my hands again. Keep fighting and building up towards my old level, but this was difficult. The limitations and hindrance kept a grip on my life. Do I have to accept this life with these complaints and limitations? Fortunately I came in contact with Move The brain. After the intake and QEEG I was eligible for the intensive training. That was a spicy sensation. Finally my complaints and limitations came into the picture and there was an explanation for everything. The training period is intensive mentally and physically. In which a nice and also professional group of people supports you. A period in which many beautiful insights have arisen, many emotions have passed by and where I found myself again. Looking proudly at myself and my qualities. Become stronger on a mental and physical level and thereby lay a good foundation. During the period my incentive sensitivity has been trained. It is no longer there! This gives so much peace and space in my head. My thinking processes are so much easier and more streamlined. As a result of which my mental energy has increased enormously. The downward spiral has been transformed into a positive, grateful and energetic spiral with a future full of dreams and new opportunities! So ..... Go with the flow and celebrate life!
recovery new hope
Before I started this training I was very confused about my recovery. Despite having gone through various trauma-related therapies and treatments for neurological problems, it always felt like a storm in my head, like I had a short fuse. I felt too much tension and stress, which was daily, physical torture.Short of a miracle, our association came into contact with the super popular Schorel and I was able to learn more about their objective and recovery programs. After a 2-week internal training, where I finally came to rest despite my symptoms, I felt that I was reborn.It is just bizarre what neuro training can do to a person. The combination of the various techniques of the program really balanced me out and gave me some insights. The first weekend my partner had already noticed changes in my behavior, as well as how relaxed I was. I finally had some peace of mind and this gave me the resilience to carry on.After the training you must be mindful not to step back into old patterns. Now I feel good, I feel strong. Of course I sometimes have a bad day, I would be lying if I said I didn’t. But I know the state I was in at the start of this recovery process, I know if I keep on the recovery route that I will be back to baseline, and above all I know that I’m on the right path. I would therefore highly recommend this program.Ymo Hartzema
I am much better
After intensive training I found myself in a rather hopeless situation. After the rehabilitation process for my brain bruise in the hospital, half a year had passed but unfortunately I saw almost no improvements.I still felt very tired, was often nauseous, over-stimulated, and couldn’t participate much in my family life. My rehabilitation doctor told me that I had to take into account that after five years I would probably be free of complaints. I took this news really hard and felt enormously frustrated.My doctor drew my attention to treatments in America and I ended up at Move the Brain. From the beginning the staff was very welcoming and I started the program quickly after the initial intake.This really was one of the best choices I have ever made. I was nervous and I didn't know what to expect from it. I also didn t want to get my hopes up that it would work. Those two weeks were hard work, but it was worth it, it really helped me a lot. The entire program is very well coordinated and goes much further than just neuro training. I thought I would only receive help for my bruise, but this went much further. A nice coach, sports, good food and especially the conversations with the other clients made the experience very enjoyable.It was also refreshing to be in an environment where you don;t have to constantly explain how you feel, because everyone is experiencing the same issues. After the training I felt much more positive and I could handle much more than before. Of course I am not quite fully recovered yet, and I have to make sure that I get enough rest, but the difference after the program is huge.I can go out with my children again, I can focus better, I have more inner peace, I can do longer days at work, and I can exercise again. All of these improvements are very satisfying and has brought back my self-confidence.The personal guidance was and is still very prevalent. Everyone is very involved and we all have a lot of contact with our fellow clients from the program, and we help each other through difficult moments along the way. I had a great time at Move the Brain and I remember it fondly. I would recommend it to anyone!Michiel O.
back in life
Before the training I was overjoyed with sound, light and bustle. I was mainly at home. Occasionally for message outside, but everything dosed. Social agenda at a very low level. Could not watch TV. Computer and cell phone use possible to a limited extent.Have a conversation on the phone or physically very intensive and tiring. In addition, I slept very poorly and had little energy. I have experienced the intensive training as very positive. First of all the guidance from all different disciplines was great. All very involved and cooperative. It felt like a hot bath, even though it was heavy. Also doing this process with a group of fellow sufferers was very pleasant. You understand each other and you can share your experience. We are still in contact with each other.Im doing a lot better. I am not there yet but the worst incentive is over. Can slowly pick up my social contacts again and have more energy. In addition, I sleep much better. I have to listen and dose to my body. That sometimes goes wrong. Then I go over my limit, do too much in my enthusiasm. In the training weeks I received tools how to deal with this recoil. That helps me to look into the future with confidence again.I would definitely recommend it to others and have already done so. The guidance is very personal and continues after these weeks. I no longer had a normal life for intensive training and now I can slowly build it up again. I dont know if I will be completely old again and that sometimes makes me uncertain, but I still notice a rising line!
Handy tools
My situation before the training was uncertain. Little support and trust is given from regular care. With occupational therapy I certainly had good guidance, but the recovery process was slow. The intensive training was very intensive, but also a lot of time for relaxation and sportiness in a quiet environment. It was also very nice to be with a group of 'fellow sufferers'. We have lived in a bubble for two weeks and time has flown by.I am now 6 weeks further and I notice that things are getting better every week. It remains a process in which you have to keep taking your moments of rest. I apply many elements of the training to my daily schedule. Every week I can expand my schedule. So I am in a positive flow! I would absolutely recommend the training. The personal guidance was very good. I have been given many handles to continue to experience improvement. And besides that I am again confident that everything will be fine!