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Hour of Power met Rianne Schorel, zondag 20 oktober 2019


Superbowl Radio Row 2018 Gus Frerotte talks Concussion with Rianne Schorel


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  1. Leuk dat vrouwenvoetbal zo’n vaart maakt:
  2. Rianne’s herstel in het AD of het artikel van de NOS/Nieuwsuur.
  3. Rianne haar boek over haar ervaring: “Living with My Concussion.”
  4. Interview met J. Jessey on returning to society after a head injury,
  5. Tv programma:   Dokters van Morgen NPO documentaire en op NOS op 3 klik hier 

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Move The Brain Run

Move The Brain is organizing a running event on November 9th, focusing on more knowledge and research for PCS. Are you coming along? More info click here 


New headlocation:

From 1 november will be our head location will be in Zeist. Here we will do the trainingsprograms.